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Developing the Future of Vision Care Technology


Web Vision is a vision care technology focused company. We are developing eye care technology that will help save the vision of millions of people globally. From unique retinal imaging cameras to a goggle-based all-in-one vision testing device, we are finding ways to help NASA and health care physicians detect, diagnose, and treat vision care problems. Saving vision and improving lives!


Helping NASA Get to Mars


Web Vision has been working with NASA for years to develop vision care technology for the space program. Our technology will help monitor and treat vision care issues for astronauts on the International Space Station and deep space exploration, including the moon and Mars. Sending man into space presents unique vision challenges for astronauts and requires out-of-the-box solutions. Web Vision is partnering with companies globally to find and develop these solutions for NASA and will soon be making this technology available to health care professionals. 


Vision for Mars Program

 Vision Care in space presents special challenges. These challenges require the finest minds and companies to develop solutions to solve these challenges. So Web Vision is leading the charge to find the people and companies that have the “Right Stuff”. We have created the Vision for Mars Program. We are helping NASA determine what it needs to monitor/detect the special vision challenges astronauts face and then we partner with companies globally to develop the vision care technology to solve these vision problems. 

View a video about the Vision for Mars Program.

To learn more about how you or your company can be a part of the Vision for Mars Program, contact Bob Main at bmain@WebVisionTechnologies.net 

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